Simple, No-Code Automations - Webinar - 02/29/24
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for Building iMIS/RiSE Custom Apps

Description: Create iMIS apps in a way that wasn't possible until now. Using a modern toolset, it's easier than ever to build custom apps for iMIS/RiSE. We'll show you how to leverage no-code automations to get the features and functions you've always wanted from iMIS. Connect disparate systems. Put AI to use. Streamline everyday processes.
Reserve your spot to see real-world, no-code RiSE automations built before your eyes.

Target Audience:
Database Admins, RiSE Admins, Website Developers, IT/Tech Professionals

- Gain insights into the latest advancements in no-code automations
- Learn how to streamline everyday processes by leveraging these tools, eliminating the need for complex coding
- Receive practical ways to put AI to use within iMIS/RiSE custom apps, opening doors to innovation and advanced functionalities

Presenters: Keith Hunter, Armstrong Enterprise Communications

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