Back to Basics-Customers - Webinar - 01/18/24
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Embark on a journey of continuous improvement as NiUG unveils an exciting new monthly series dedicated to deepening your understanding of iMIS. Each month, we will shine a spotlight on a specific iMIS module, providing insights that empower you to navigate the complexities of the platform effortlessly.
Unleash the power of the Customers module with a comprehensive one-hour review of the module. Discover the art of finding, adding, and editing contacts seamlessly. Gain a profound understanding of data integrity functionality, navigate the intricacies of managing duplicates, and learn how duplicate merge logs can help with workflow and data. Dive into the strategic utilization of committees and explore much more!

Target Audience:
New Staff
Beginners to iMIS
Staff needing a refresher

- Master the intricacies of iMIS modules, one at a time
- Dive into detailed discussions, leaving no stone unturned
- Equip your team with the skills to maximize iMIS functionality
- Connect with a community of like-minded professionals

Presenters: Trevor Trudelle, Ascension Technology Solutions

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